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Leaky Roof? Here Are Some Practical Tips to Get it Fixed 

Leaking roof is one of the worst nightmares for every property owner, especially during the rainy season. While this problem could have been prevented with regular roof maintenance, it is impossible to turn back time. We have no other option but to fix the roof and learn from this mistake.  Before thinking of a solution, the very first thing to do is to determine if your roof leaks. A few of the telltale signs that your roof is leaking are the following: 
  • Water stains on your ceiling 
  • If you notice damp or wet stains on the ceiling of your property, there is a huge possibility of a leak. If not, it could be because of a leak from the water tank in your loft. 
  • Drips  
  • If you notice drips or moisture, especially when it is raining, then your roof is probably leaking. 
  • Moulds on the walls 
  • In many cases, moulds on walls outside your house could mean that the sun can’t reach the area. However, it could also mean a problem with your roofing or gutters. 
Once you determine that there is a leak on your roof, you should be quick on getting it fixed. If not, the problem might worsen over time and cost you a lot in the near future.  How are you going to deal with a leaky roof? Here are the steps: 
  1. Prevent water from causing more damage.  The very first thing to do if you notice pooling water in your ceiling is to get a bucket and catch the water by placing the bucket underneath. 
  1. Release the built-up water. Once the bucket is placed, release the built-up water by piercing a hole in the area where you see the bulge or dark spot. Some people might be hesitant about doing this step. However, creating a hole where water can escape will minimise the damage that the pooling water may cause. 
  1. Move furniture and other objects. It is important to move furniture, carpets, and other objects away from the area that could be affected by the leak. 
Roof Leak Repair  After doing the necessary steps of preventing the leak from causing more problems, now is the time to get your roof fixed to permanently stop the damage. Instead of just repairing the damage inside your house, the best solution is to get to the root cause of the problem and start the repair from there.  If you are not confident or you have no experience in repairing rook leaks, it is advisable to ask for help from professional contractors. Not only can they help you solve the problem, but they can also do it safely and hassle-free.   

How to Choose the Perfect Contractor for Your Roofing Project 

With so many roof service providers claiming to be experts, choosing the right contractor for your project can pose a challenge. Any roofing project requires proper knowledge and experience to ensure the best results. If not, a problem could occur sooner than you expect. This will not only cost you money for unnecessary repairs but can also endanger you and your loved ones.  If choosing the right roofing contractor is a challenge for you, the tips below will help you make the best choice 
  1. Search in your local area 
Hiring a local contractor is a huge advantage for any project. This can save you time and the hassle of working with someone who is based out of town. Check on your neighbourhood or city, or ask friends and relatives if they can recommend someone in your locality. When looking online, make sure that the company or contractors you choose also have a physical presence. 
  1. Look for insurance 
Insurance is a non-negotiable part when looking for a contractor. This is hugely important since anything can happen while working, especially with height. The contractor should be able to provide workers’ compensation and liability insurance. Ask the contractor if he can show you an insurance certificate. If not, it would be better to find somebody else. 
  1. Ask for references 
A good reputation is one of the signs that the contractor is reliable. Before hiring a contractor, check for their previous projects. You can ask them to provide you with references you can contact. As long as they are not hiding something, they should be able to give you references. You may also visit the sites of their past works if they are located just around your area. 
  1. Do not be deceived by low prices 
While hiring contractors who offer low prices on their services is tempting, you have to be mindful and do some research before signing with them. We are not saying that you should not hire affordable contractors. But make sure that they are not hiding something and have everything in writing before signing for their service. 
  1. Secure a warranty 
The warranty will serve as your protection when problems arise within a few months after the project is completed. They should also be able to provide a warranty on the materials used. If the company can provide security on their works, you made the right choice. 

Commercial Roofing Contractors Shrewsbury

Unlike in residential properties, there are tons of options available for commercial roofing. While this is an advantage, this also poses a need for extensive research and planning on which type of roofing material would suit your commercial property best.  

This is the reason why you should only hire professional and experienced roofing contractors to carry out the job. With their experience and expertise, they can provide you with practical and reliable advice to make an informed decision and ensure that the project is a success. 

If you choose Severnside Roofing & Building Specialists for your commercial roofing needs, we guarantee high-quality service and on-time completion of the project at a cost-effective rate. Our contractors are trained and experienced in all types of roofing works for commercial and household properties. 

Trusted Commercial Roofing Contractors 

Severnside Roofing & Building Specialists has been in the trade for so many years. We understand how important it is for commercial buildings to have a durable roofing system that can withstand different types of weather and protect property from wind, water, and other hazards that can cause damage to your business. We offer all kinds of roofing services, including installation, repair, maintenance, and more. Our team can install the roofing of your choice with quality and efficiency. We can also help you chose the best roofing material to suit your business needs.  

We know how daunting it could be to choose which type of material to use for your building if you don’t have knowledge about roofing. But you don’t have to worry. Whether you need new roofing to replace your damaged roofing or for aesthetic purposes, our specialists will help you make the right decision. 

In addition to installations and replacements, we perform a comprehensive inspection to determine roof damages and offer maintenance services. This is very important as leaks that go undetected can cause damage to your building structure sooner than later. Our roof maintenance programs have been proven beneficial in extending the lifespan of commercial roofs. We also offer prompt and quality repairs for damaged roofing. 

Should you want to know more about our roofing services, you may contact us on 07771 195 370. You may also send us your queries and appointment requests to if you want to reach us through email. Our expert staff will be more than glad whatever questions you may have with our services and assist you further. 

Why It Is Necessary For Flat Roof Homes To Undertake Spring Maintenance 

While flat roofs are the easiest roof type to maintain, it also needs more regular maintenance, especially during the spring season. The constant rain and fluctuating temperature can put a lot of stress on flat roofs and eventually lead to damage.  Knowing basic maintenance cleaning and repair skills is beneficial and can save you money from hiring roof contractors. However, without the skills and right equipment, you might not be able to spot and solve some hidden issues and end up paying for costly repair or replacement in the future.  So why is spring cleaning necessary for your flat roofs? Below are the reasons why. Learning about these reasons will help you make spring maintenance a top priority. 
  1. Unnoticeable yet exhaustive drainage problem 
 Pooling water is one of the most common yet dreaded problems that flat roof homeowners encounter during spring, especially with older roofs. But property owners with newly installed flat roofs are not spared with this problem.   Water can stick longer than it should if your new roof is poorly installed and has drainage problems. Large debris from your roofs, such as leaves and twigs, can form a barrier when washed into the drain pipes, causing the drainage process to slow down or even stop. More debris will be collected if left untreated and eventually cause the pipelines to become clogged and damaged.  It would be advantageous and cost-effective to learn how to unclog drains on your own. But if you don’t have the skills and time, yet you want to address the problem right away to avoid the hassle, you should ask for help from professional roofers. These experienced professionals can safely and efficiently perform cleaning and inspection on your roof.   
  1. Prepare for the summer season 
One of the advantages of having a flat roof is that you can use it as an extension of your home during the summer season. Inviting your friends over to hang out and chill on your flat roof would be very fun. It can save you money and energy for the preparation, not to mention that this can make your home look more trendy and eye-catching.  To keep your flat roofing ready to use whenever possible, you have to keep it in excellent condition at all times. Prioritise having professional roofers come to your house to perform inspection and do some repairs if necessary.   
  1. The winter weather can damage your flat roofs 
We all know how harsh the winter weather can be, especially here in the UK. No matter how we prepare our roofs for the winter, the heavy snowfall, freezing cold, and animal depredation can take a toll on the quality of your roofing system.   As soon as the winter season ends, it would be necessary to check your roofing for any signs of damage, even small holes and tears, and fix them. If left untreated, these small holes and tears can develop into leaks and other related problems.   Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you want to keep your roofing system at its best throughout the year. We are experienced in all aspects of roofing works. We can guarantee nothing but only the best solution to your roofing needs.        

How to Extend Your Slate Roof’s Life Span 

As a property owner, it is only natural to expect our roofing system to last a long time. But since different types of roofing materials have a different lifespan, it is important to know how long your roofing can last. 

For example, slate roofing, which is one of the most widely used roofing materials, is not only beautiful but is also among the most durable and long-lasting. As long as installed and maintained properly, slate roofs can last for more than seven to eight decades, and can even reach a hundred years. But what exactly is a slate roof? 

Slate roofing is a premium roofing system made of natural slate tiles and other premium materials. Since slate roof tiles are naturally made, manufacturer warranties are not provided.  

To ensure that your slate roof can last a lifetime, it is important to know the things you can do to make them last. 

  • Hire an experienced slate roof contractor 
As long as the slate roof is installed and flashed properly, there should be nothing to worry about it getting damaged. But to ensure its proper installation, you need to hire contractors who are experienced in working with slate tiles. Since the slate tiles are easily breakable, each of them has to be handled individually.  

The roofing contractor plays a huge role in making your slate roof installation a success. By making sure that the contractor you hire has the knowledge and experience, you can prevent overspending due to broken tiles and you can ensure the quality of your slate roofing. 

  • Determine how exposed your roofing is to harsh weather 
While a slate roof is among the most durable material in the market, the weather condition can still affect its lifespan. If you are living in an area where the weather is normally good all year round, you should not be worried about your roof’s health.   However, if your area gets extreme weather regularly, this can become a huge factor in your roof’s health. While there is nothing you can do about it, it will still make a huge advantage to be aware of the extreme weather. It will also help to secure homeowners insurance to prepare for unforeseen weather occurrences.   
  • Avoid foot traffic on your slate roof 
As soon as your slate roof is installed, you should not let anyone from walking into it unless they know how they can do it without making damage to the roof tiles. Remember that slate roof tiles are easily breakable, thus need extra care when handling and walking on them. If not, you will end up having a leaky roof and spend on a costly replacement.  Don’t let anyone walk on your slate roof if they don’t know what they are doing, be it a chimney sweeper or a satellite installer.