Polycarbonate Roof Installation

The polycarbonate roof consists of a thermoplastic polymer and has become increasingly popular as a contemporary roofing solution. Available in all types of sizes and thicknesses, the translucent roof sheets are popular options for smaller sheltered applications from a greenhouse to vehicles. It is lightweight, versatile and simple to maintain. Polycarbonate roof installation is quick and economical.

The Benefits of Polycarbonate Roof Installation

Polycarbonate in roofing applications is becoming increasingly popular owing to its versatility and multitude of advantageous features. As a relatively new building material in the industry, there is still much discovery surrounding its range of applications.

Polycarbonate is naturally Resistant

The thermal polymer is excellent as a protective style of roofing. It is naturally resistant against the elements able to resist high force. It is often used as a protective layer on roofing and structures because it can withstand extremes in heat and cold conditions. It will not bend, warp or crack when exposed to heat.

Polycarbonate is particularly useful in climates where excessive heat and dry conditions cause damage to the roof surface. It is also fire-proof and resistant against most chemicals. When applied in industrial projects, these types of roof sheets can provide high-level protection against harsh chemicals.


Polycarbonate roof installation is versatile. Available in clear and coloured product, it can be matched to any type of roofing project. Owing to its durability, it is a great choice to protect roofs against force, heat damage and is ideal as a skylight.

Solar Protection

While polycarbonate is available in translucent consistencies, it can be purchased in shades with varying levels of solar penetration. Add a layer of solar or UV protective film to your polycarbonate sheet to control the amount of light penetration.

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