September 2020 Projects

Have you ever considered turning your flat roof into a pitched roof? 🤔 While it might sound like an intensely complicated process, an immaculate end product can be achieved more easily than you may think!

A flat roof can be converted to a pitched roof using the (relatively!) simple technique of a trussed roof with two angled planes. Additional valleys, angles, and gables can also be built into such converted structures as well, creating an altogether different aesthetic! 👌

Overboarding is the process of fitting a new sterling board on top of an existing roof deck, in order to completely renovate the appearance of the roof and improve the overall aesthetics 👌 The key benefit of overboading, rather than re-roofing entirely, is that it puts much less stress on the roof rafters. This stress is usually caused by the process of stripping a flat roof and can often result in cracks to the ceilings and coverings that may sit underneath. As overboarding doesn’t require this invasive ‘stripping’ process, works can be completed with much less impact on your existing roof structure.

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