New Roof Design Ideas

When you choose a roofing style, you may first think of visual impact. While good look really matters, so do utility, lifetime and strength.

Below we have listed our favourite roof designs and features for you to consider on your own property across Shrewsbury and Shropshire.

Gambrel Roof

This design is commonly used for barns and stables in USA due to the shape allowing for extra storage room. This style of roof is also frequently found in churches and houses as the design became popular in the Dutch colonial and Georgian eras. Designed with symmetrical two-sided roof with two slopes on each side – the upper slope positioned at a shallower angle and the lower slope, a steeper one.

Saltbox Roof

This is such a fascinating roof design to look at. It is a long, pitched roof that slopes down the back of a property, to such an extent that the building may be a one-floor building towards the back, but a two or even three-floor one at the front. We love the folklore story that this design arose in the early 18th century due to Queen Anne’s taxation of houses greater than one storey, although it sadly isn’t true.


Skylights have a long history themselves and remain a key design feature of the roofs of many old and new buildings alike. Of course, it’s nice to have a bit more natural light flooding into your home, especially given the well-known health benefits of sunlight. However, a skylight can also reduce your energy costs and consumption, meaning lower costs, with one that is capable of opening also a potentially invaluable passive air conditioner. A well-designed and made skylight is also visually impressive, adding interest to all manner of spaces within the home.

Flat Roof

Most flat roofs are not really 100% flat, they are low-sloped roofs that appear flat, but have a little bit of a slope to allow for the run-off water. The top of a well-made flat roof could even be decked out and turned into a brilliant outdoor living space in its own right. Flat roof options include:
  • Felt Roofs
  • Rubber Roofs
  • Fibreglass Roofs
  • Traditional tiled Flat Roofs
  • Once upon a time, you may have only opted for a flat roof if you were investing in a home extension. These days, though, many modernist and postmodernist roofing designs incorporate flat elements.

    Curved Roof

    This type of roofing is often seen on more recent buildings, on which they tend to represent a cutting-edge contemporary design statement. That said, many traditional structures also incorporate curved roofs, with various copper roofs that we have installed for clients here at ELC Roofing Ltd being curved, making the most of the ductility and malleability of this material.

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