Brickwork Repointing Shrewsbury 

Visible cracks and water going inside your home’s interior wall are just two of the obvious signs that you need brickwork repointing. Many are trying to do a DIY brickwork repointing with the hope of saving on labour costs. However, a DIY method would only be guaranteed success if you have the skills. If not, it is always a brilliant idea to look for professional contractors who can take the job.
Professionals might cost you money, but they can guarantee the best results and quick completion of the project. Thus, saving you from extensive and even costly disasters if a DIY brickwork repointing goes wrong.
At Severnside Roofing & Building, brickwork repointing is something we do most of the time. We can complete any of your repointing tasks with excellent results regardless of the scope and size of the project. Trusting our team for your project guarantee satisfaction and peace of mind, knowing that the people working on it know what exactly they are doing.

Brickwork Repointing Contractors in Shrewsbury

Severnside Roofing & Building has been in the construction trade for so many years. Our team comprises highly trained and skilled individuals who are dedicated to providing nothing but only the best quality of service with any project they carry out. We offer top-notch services for all sizes of commercial and household properties anywhere in Shrewsbury and surrounding areas.
For someone who isn’t familiar with how brickworks work and the underlying problems that the naked eye cannot easily see, it would be difficult to know whether your brickwork needs repointing. Our team can conduct a detailed assessment of your property to determine if repointing is necessary. If so, our specialists will make sure to solve the problem using the best solution. We are complete not only with skills but as well as the equipment necessary to perform repointing with quality and efficiency.
Severnside also offers installation, repair, and replacement of all sizes of roofing systems. We also provide chimney repair, asbestos removal, home extension and conversion, and a vast range of building services and maintenance.
Discuss your brickwork issues with our specialists and learn how our quality services can help you solve the problem. You may contact 07885 654666 or 01952 279 451 to talk to us today. You may also email to book an appointment or to enquire more about our services.